Unhelpful Thinking Styles >

Discover the thoughts and thought patterns that keep people from feeling their best.

CBT Thought Record Portrait >

This worksheet will help you to better evaluate thoughts, consider alternatives, and understand unhelpful thought processes.

Why Use a Clinical Mental Health Counselor >

Learn more about what a Clinical Mental Health Counselor does and why someone might want to seek therapy.

Values worksheet >

Get a clear view of the change you hope to make by identifying the values that guide you.

Guidelines For Better Sleep >

Getting quality sleep and enough of it is a simple way to improve the way you feel every day.
Use these tips to get more from your sleep.

Sleep Diary >

It’s easier to get perspective on and understand your sleep when you keep track of the activities that impact your sleep.

Panic Diary >

Record your anxious thoughts, sensations, and reactions with this helpful calendar.

Pain Diary >

This worksheet makes it easy to record your pain on a daily basis for evaluation during therapy.