Therapy for Young Adults

Therapy for Young Adults

Navigating the pressures of college or the real world can be difficult. If you’re in college, the euphoria of getting into school quickly fades as you encounter demanding professors, a heavy workload, and a packed schedule. Social pressures can add to the stress. If you’re near the end of your academic program, you must answer the question: “What am I going to do now?” And, once you’ve been in the real world for a few years, you might be asking yourself: “Is this all there is?”

It can be overwhelming at times. It’s hard to deal with all of the stressors, and can result in not getting enough sleep, or having trouble getting up in the morning. You may also experience feelings of anxiety and depression when you can’t meet the unrealistic standards set by yourself or others.

I can help.

I am intensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and can teach you valuable coping skills to deal with the pressure. I can also help you find ways to sleep better, manage your emotions, and communicate more effectively with your friends, significant others, parents, teachers, bosses, and co-workers. The key to using your skills, however, is to know when to use them – before it’s too late! We work on raising awareness – of triggers, patterns, and early warning signs in your body. This is especially important to learn. The practice of Mindfulness can help in this area, and many folks find this research-supported activity to be very helpful.

I provide a safe haven where fears, conflicts, and struggles can be explored and understood. My role is to help you navigate your world and lend a sympathetic ear. I will support you, recognizing that you’re doing the best that you can. I will also help you to find ways to make the necessary changes in your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. This isn’t easy, and you can’t do it alone.

Contact me. I will help you find your way through this maze called Life.